A new era for the Young Greens…

Well, it’s official. After what I hear was an amazing weekend in Brighton – the Young Greens‘ largest ever convention, and the first where the NEC was elected via national online ballot – I am officially no longer YG Press Officer (I decided not to restand – they didn’t kick me off!). It’s been an amazing year, I’ve learnt a lot and worked with some brilliant people, and it’s nice to hand over the reigns to the very capable hands of Georgia Elander.

I would say I’ll have a lot of time on my hands, but I’ve got my first meeting for the Editorial Board of the online publication Bright Green tonight – an interesting new chapter! No rest for the wicked. Although I will be focusing more on my journalism over the next year, I also (obviously) plan to stay active in the Young Greens.

I’m really excited for the future of the Green Party, but in particularly our youth branch. It’s dynamic, radical and engaged. I’m sure another good year lies ahead for the new committee, who I think will do a great job at maintaining the upward trajectory of Britain’s third largest party for young people. It has doubled in size in less than a year, and has more local and regional groups than ever. I’ve seen it go from strength to strength – and I think it’s going to get even better.

Thanks to the previous committee, congratulations to those elected, and commiserations to those who weren’t voted in.

Onwards and upwards – viva la revolucion!

Those elected via national ballot for the Young Greens were:

Non-Portfolio Positions: Shihab Basit, Thomas Pashby, Fiona Costello (incumbent), Sophie van der Ham (incumbent), Thom French (incumbent), and Georgia Elander

Structures and Procedures Committee: Charlene Concepcion, Matthew Clark, and Joseph Clough

Co-Chairs: Siobhan MacMahon and Clifford Fleming (both re-elected)

Treasurer: Thomas Bolitho