Latest Songs from Josiah Mortimer Acoustic

For the past few months I’ve been busy with uni work, writing, deciding what to do with my life after university, and recording my new EP with Rack Mount Records (a new little independent label based in York). I’ve continued to record from home though and have a few new tracks, two of them political and one of them just, you know, about life. (The new EP by the way may be coming in two parts over the next few months – keep your eyes peeled).

The latest is ‘The Ballad of a New Luddite’, a message to abandon the superficiality and technological-dependence of the modern age. I’m as guilty as the rest of us, but hopefully it still rings true.

Next is my first attempt at writing a vaguely amusing tune, called ‘No Laughing Matter’. The topic should be pretty obvious – namely the government’s outright privatisation agenda. Hope you like.

Finally, another call to arms – ‘Hell in a Handcart’. Rough recording, but you get the picture.

In terms of gigs, make sure to come to the launch party of Rack Mount Records on the 18th January. Should be a cracking night at Gibsons in York. I’ll also be holding a launch gig for my new EP when its out. Watch this space.

If you missed my last post about new songs, you can still view it here –, and don’t forget to visit my SoundCloud page with all my stuff on to hear and download for free – I’m also, inevitably, on Facebook. Have a gander/like.


New song, ‘All You Fascists’, now up in wake of EDL protests

I’ve just recorded and released my latest song, ‘All You Fascists’, a re-working/writing of Woody Guthrie’s classic, in the wake of the horrific rise in racist violence over the past week after the Woolwich murder. It’s free to hear/download online (as usual), and comments are very welcome. I’m hoping to do a proper studio recording in October but in the meantime, this phone-recording should fill the gap!

I wanted to record it in time for the York gathering against the EDL on the 26th May, which in the end proved a massive success with over 100 members of the local community coming together to show our unity and solidarity. The EDL, on the other hand, were virtually a no-show with just four or five supporters turning up. News of the community day has now gone viral online – see here – particularly in light of the fact that the EDL were invited in to drink tea, chat, and play football in the sun (though they gave the latter a miss. My team lost, sadly). A great turnout from both students and locals showed unity isn’t just a nice word.

It’s been a busy past few weeks, trying to squeeze in song-writing and gigs between exam revision. But good things have come out of it, including playing alongside the wonderful Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly in Manchester, on the 18th May at the People’s History Museum (for NoiseStock). It was an incredible experience and a great gig with hopefully lots of exciting opportunities to come out of it.

PS While you’re here, have a listen to my other new song, ‘All I Got Is This’, a piece on being young and relatively lost in the world.

I’ll be playing again at this term’s Jamnesty, the fantastic Amnesty-organised music event so see you there!

Hope you like the new tunes, and keep an eye out for more updates at