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Crowdfunded EP Luddite Ballads to be released in two weeks

I’m proud to announce that my new EP, the first release to be crowdfunded through Crowdshed, will be launched on the 31st of January – just two weeks time!

Luddite Ballads is an acoustic release, and includes the political anthem (if I can call it that!) ‘A Movement and a Reason’, as well as the title track ‘The Ballad of a New Luddite’, John Martyn’s epic ‘I Don’t Want to Know’, and an instrumental piece ‘Old Friends’. Hope you like it.

You can now sign up to pre-order it on BandCamp! Make sure to grab a copy for just £3 (£5 for a print copy) – https://josiahmortimer.bandcamp.com/album/luddite-ballads-ep-pre-order

It’s being released through York-based independent record label Rack Mount Records.

Here’s how Luddite Ballads has been described:

“Combining mellow sounds with defiant sentiment, Josiah Mortimer’s debut EP Luddite Ballads is a breakthrough collection of anthems for a disenchanted generation. Bound by masterful guitar and crisp vocals, Mortimer’s first offering paves the way for a new era of radical acoustic music.”

Luddite Ballads will be out on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and all the major online distributors (yes, I get the irony) at the end of the month.

Over £3,000 was made to master, print, distribute, and promote the EP. Thanks to everyone who contributed to make it happen!

Let me know what you think when it’s out. Fingers crossed and thanks for the support!


Just 15 Days Left to Launch Radical Music

OK. I’m currently crowdfunding my first professional recording – a political acoustic EP called ‘Luddite Ballads’.

We need to raise £3,000 – and so far we’re nearly half way there – but with just 15 days to go.

If it doesn’t reach £3k, the project gets nothing – and there’ll be no proper release, publicity, radical acoustic tour, printing etc. There won’t be much, basically.

So please pledge your support, spread the word and help get some radical music out there.

Everyone who shares this will get a shout-out on Twitter and Facebook as a thank you! A double shout-out plus perks if you pledge your support, obviously!

Let’s do this. Solidarity.


(Excuse the preview pic face!)