‘The Blackout’ – My Poem on the BBC and the Greens

I don’t generally write poems (I prefer songs), but I was so annoyed about the BBC (and other broadcasters, for that matter) excluding the Green Party from the TV General Election debates that I felt compelled to write one. Let me know your thoughts.


The Blackout

This is the blackout –
when our broadcaster,
owned by us,
refuses us the chance to hear another view.

When a million Green voters are blocked of their voice
because the Beeb doesn’t have a clue
that the party system is ripping open,
breaking apart,
that politics is different now.

This is the blackout.

It’s a blackout when one rising party gets a slot,
but another doesn’t.
When four white, rich, ageing men
get yet another platform
but a left-wing woman
has to wait it out.

When we’re allowed to hear
from the up-starts if they’re pro-austerity –
radicals can forget it.
Auntie likes her comfort zones,
likes not to rock the boat too much.
She likes the establishment –
and it can be in blue, red, yellow or purple
But not Green.
No, not that.

This is the blackout

And it’s a blackout
every time our state media
ignores the return
of Occupy, ignores a million marching.

It’s a blackout when songs people
support are vetoed,
independence campaigners
are mocked and cold-shouldered,
when 50,00 sign a petition against this blackout
and are fenced off and ignored,
or 200,000 call for democratic diversity –
for a Green voice, an alternative –
and get a pro-forma response from arbitrary auntie.

This is the blackout

Believe me, Beeb.
Your license fee payers aren’t happy.
Greens are surging.
You will be left behind.
And people will remember the #BBCBlackout



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