Fair Equity Party backs the Greens

18th March update: the founder of the Fair Equity Party has now actually joined the Greens, and is in the process of moving all the party’s members over to the Green Party.

A bit of obscure party-political news, but something of interest for those active on the interwebs who may have seen a bunch of new little parties floating around in recent months – Fair Equity, None of the Above, Class War, Left Unity and so on (as well as the re-emergence of Bob Crow’s [RIP] No2EU). There’s also a random nationalistic ‘socialist’ group whose name escapes me. I hope to write about them in more detail soon but here’s a quick trivial update.

It seems one of the new fledgling left-wing parties has actually now thrown its (probably very limited) weight behind the Green Party:

In a statement shared on Facebook, the party said:

**The Green Party Update: Fair Equity Proposal to support**
We have made contact with The Green Party as we believe that that with such a short time before the General Election in May 2015, it would be unrealistic for us to try and mobilise the party and try to generate enough support to get suitable funding and enough votes

We are therefore proposing that we (FairEquity) put our voices / votes behind The Green Party in the run-up to 2015. We must make it clear that The Green Party of today are a very different organisation than they were and some perception probably is based on the past. The Green Party of today aren’t ‘bunny strokers’ of yesteryear, they are an organised political party/movement with excellent policies & people (some policiies they could go further with). They have put their policies very clearly on their website, and we will await The Green Party Leader to make contact (as promised by one of their colleagues today)

This Tory gvmt are trying to shrink the state so much that the only ones that will benefit will be the wealthy. The 95% of us will be asked to work harder for less money with less benefits. and God help the poor, who will be in a worse situation. On this note – we must all think very seriously come 2015 General Election as the Tories must go. They are the most disgusting political idiots that British politics has ever seen.

I will keep you all updated on the discussion with The Green Party, and maybe even ask Natalie Bennett (Leader of The Green Party, to come and have an open chat with people here)



They made a similar statement on Twitter: “FairEquity: looking to throw support behind The Green Party (some solid social policy & sustainability)”

On their site, the party state their three main aims are:

1. Proportionate ‘to earnings’ Taxation
(people on a smaller wage are taxed less, those on a large wage taxed high)

2. An end to massive Inheritances

3. [To] Equally Support all people in UK

Stuff I suppose has a fair amount in common with the Greens.

They state they currently have 70 candidates declared, but I suppose they’ll all have to now be out campaigning for the Green Party if that’s their new decision.

Ah the world of obscure lefty grouplets!


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