Green Party Votes Unanimously to Stop the Privatisation of Royal Mail

I’m very pleased to announce (in case you missed it) that the Green Party’s Autumn Conference in Brighton this weekend voted unanimously for my motion to oppose the sell-off of Royal Mail and to get behind the campaign against the privatisation. A step forward in the fight for public ownership, and another sign that the Greens are the real party of the left in Britain.

To view the complete emergency motion which was passed go here.

Re-posted from the Green Party website

15 September 2013

THE Green Party has passed an emergency motion to stop the privatisation of the Royal Mail.

The Green Party motion instructs the Green Party Executive and the Green Party’s elected representatives to throw their full weight behind the ‘Save Our Royal Mail’ campaign, support the Communication Workers’ Union’s industrial and political fight against the sell-off.

“In unanimously passing the emergency motion against the sell-off of Royal Mail, the Green Party has sent out a strong and unanimous call of support for the campaign to defend our postal service, a 500-year old institution, joining with the 70% of the public who oppose the privatisation”, said motion proposer Josiah Mortimer (University of York Green Party).

“The privatisation of the Royal Mail will only lead to rising prices, worse conditions for postal workers, declining reach to rural areas, and a threat to the six-day a week service obligation.

“Unlike Labour, which tried to sell-off the Post Office several times during office, the Greens stand firmly on the side of public services and public ownership, in line with our commitment to bringing rail, energy and other privatised utilities back into public hands.”


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