Demand Green Representation in the General Election Debates

The Young Greens have just launched a great new epetition to demand the Green Party be represented in the 2015 televised General Election debates. A very worthy cause, and one which has ratched up nearly 1000 signatures in its first couple of days. Get signing, sharing, and blogging about it folks. You can add your name here.

Since its launch its been consistently trending in the top five fastest growing petitions on the government epetitions site, and has received pretty decent coverage on the interwebs – Liberal Conspiracy, the second most read politics blog in the country (and biggest lefty blog), has published a piece on it, as has the biggest (and best!) Green Party blog, Bright Green.

The whole petition comes after an Angus Reid Public Opinion poll showed that 54% of the public want Natalie Bennett to appear on the televised General Election debates for 2015. Pretty encouraging stuff. The majority in favour is very large compared to those against (a large proportion are ‘undecided’).

There’ll also be a ‘Thunderclap’ out within the next couple of days – it aims to get the #greens2015 petition trending on twitter. Good stuff.

The petition reads as follows:

‘We, the undersigned, acknowledge that recent polling indicates a majority of the British public would like to see the Green Party represented in the general election television debates. We therefore feel it is right and in keeping with the democratic principles this country upholds that a representative of the Green Party be invited to take part, broadening the debate and presenting the electorate with a greater political spectrum with which to engage.

The Green Party polled third in the London mayoral elections, has an MP, MEPs and 141 councillors. It is a viable party to which many people are looking for a fresh approach to politics. We therefore ask that the Green Party be represented in the general election television debates.’

Spread the word, people.


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