New (Semi-)Political EP ‘Bonfire Songs’ Released

At the end of December I recorded (and have now ‘released’) a new acoustic EP, Bonfire Songs, featuring music inspired by modern protest, student life and, in March and In This Together, the disturbing policies of this government. All four songs from the record are available to download for free online, released under a Creative Commons licence (copy-left ftw). Have a listen, download it, share it around if you want. You can hear and download Bonfire Songs here:

I recently had the massive privilege of playing at Luddites 2013 – a big 200th anniversary event of the execution of the Luddite’s executed in York for their role in trying to (literally) smash capitalism from the outset. The radical music event in the evening showed the extent to which the left-wing musical tradition does live on, albeit underground. Hopefully there will be plenty more political music events to come. We need to keep radical song alive.

Firstly, some background about the political music on Bonfire Songs itself. March was written for the TUC’s ‘A Future that Works’ protest in October 2012, and was entered into the TUC’s ‘Make the March’ project, which promoted the demonstration through art and song. March became one of the most shared songs on the site, and has now been entered into Noise Festival’s ‘Art of Protest’ competition, potentially being featured in the People’s History Museum, Manchester. Wish me luck.

In this Together was inspired by the betrayal of the Liberal Democrats going into coalition with the Conservative Party, and condemns the brutal cuts which resulted from that decision. As a student involved in the 2010 student protests, it tries to reflect some of the anger students like myself felt (and still feel).


Hope you enjoy the EP. And if you’re after someone (however unrefined!) to play a political/charity event in the Yorkshire or South West regions, drop me an email #willplayforpints


Bonfire Songs Cover


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