Green Party Prioritisation Ballot Now Open

In obscure Green Party news, voting is now open for the prioritisation ballot for the next Green Party conference agenda – Spring 2013 (February) in Nottingham. The prioritisation ballot decides, as the name suggests, what motions are prioritised on the final agenda – basically what gets time on the conference floor and what doesn’t. So it’s fairly important stuff in terms of the politics of the party if certain motions aren’t heard.

Since not a huge number of people vote in the prioritisation ballot (a few hundred, I think), votes count even more than usual. So get voting.

There’s around 25 motions to vote on – some a tad dull but most very important political issues – recognising the necessity of trade union links in the party, establishing a national anti-cuts councillor conference, and our York Young Greens motion on amending the party’s Philosophical Basis to appreciate the importance of social justice (that’s C11 – bottom of the ‘C’ policy section).

If you’re a member, exercise your democratic right. If you’re not, join up (it’s a fiver for students) and vote until your heart’s content. Voting closes on the 15th of January. Spread the news far and wide – internal democracy is what keeps us as the Greens unique and dynamic.

And please, #voteC11. It’s vital social justice is at the centre of the party – it already is in terms of policy and our members, but our constitution and Philosophical Basis should reflect that.

(The full first agenda with details on all the motions is online here – have a gander!)


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