Support the Strikes in Cornwall on June 30th – Rally on Lemon Quay

Hundreds of striking workers and their supporters will be rallying on Lemon Quay in Truro on June 30th to support the thousands of public sector workers in Cornwall who face job losses, a tripling of their pension contributions (with the average public sector pension only £4,000 as it stands) and pay freezes.

Cornwall Anti-Cuts is helping to organise the rally and is linking up the unions, with a meeting last Wednesday successfully bringing together the striking unions.

Up to 750,000 could be on strike on the day and it is vital they are shown support. Striking is a last resort – but hard-working people in the public sector are being made to pay for the financial crisis. Let’s stand up for them on the 30th and fight the Tory-led coaltion.

UK Uncut are organising a national day of action alongside the strikes. This is going to be big – and not one to miss.

There will be more strikes to come in the next few months. Looks like were building for a general strike. A bit later than Greece, admittedly.




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