Supporting People Campaign Builds Strength in Cornwall

May 29th – Defend the homeless and those most at risk: Camp-out in Truro against ‘Supporting People’ Cuts

It’s no news that the Supporting People service in Cornwall, which provides sheltered housing and homelessness support, is being slashed by 40%. It’s probably no surprise either, that Cornwall has the second highest rate of homelessness in England, after London. Westminster in London is banning soup runs to 100-150 homeless people. Cornwall is now trying to compete in the ‘how much can we punish the poor’ contest, apparently.

That’s aside from the fact that Cornwall spends less on Adult Social Care than almost any other part of England, according to the BBC. The Tory council would rather hire consultants and save its precious (a hem, huge) reserves.

It is obvious that we need to try to stop these cuts to Supporting People. Even Eric Pickles is saying SP should not be cut. So after the fantastic demonstration in February which saw around 100 people camp outside the council offices (including, shamefully, Stephen Gilbert MP who is pushing through Tory cuts nationally), another demonstration is now being planned for the 29th of May. It’s being organised by the Churches Homeless Network, and will hopefully be even bigger than last time. Make sure you’re there. Homelessness can happen to anyone, believe it or not.

Let’s just hope Truro-based Cornwall Councillor Fiona Ferguson comes and explains why she thinks I will be better able to protect the vulnerable if I don’t squander the public’s hard-earned money’. What a waste, eh, keeping people off the streets?

Supporting people sleep out – PDF



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