Cornwall-Wide Demonstration in May Against the Cuts

I haven’t been posting a whole lot recently because I’ve been a bit out of the political loop, busy with college work among other things. So, now that my apology is over, I’ll give you a bit of context about what’s happening.

Anti-Cuts Alliance Cornwall (yep, looking into name rebranding) is planning a demonstration against the cuts in Truro, scheduled for the end of May. It’s not official yet, but I’ll keep you informed. Tomorrow’s general meeting will hopefully lay out the basic details.

During the wave of student protests last year, some of you will know myself and others organised demonstrations in Truro against tuition fees. Two of them organised within a couple of weeks and spread through posters and Facebook got over 100 out in protest. We were on relatively good terms with local police and nothing was mentioned about a levy on public protest. So long as it wasn’t obstructive or violent; it was fine.

Cornwall Anti-Cuts has been talking with the local council and after rumours of a £3,000 fee for utilising Victoria Gardens, apparently the committee have now approved  the request for the demonstration. Now’s the time to start raising funds and support for the protest. After the massive March 26th ‘March for the Alternative’ in London, now’s the time to bring the action home.

Truro hasn’t seen a large protest for a long time, and this one hopes to be supported by trade union branches (Anti-Cuts Alliance Cornwall is backed by Cornwall NUT and CWU) as well as local community groups. There’s a lot of preparation to be done.

If you’re part of a Cornwall based charity, a member of a trade union, a student, a worker, unemployed – if you’re anyone getting hit by the cuts, email and get involved. There’s going to be a Public Meeting – ‘How The Cuts will Hurt You and How to Fight Them!’ organised by Cornwall Anti-Cuts on the 28th April! It will take place at the Hall for Cornwall (Assembly Rooms), on Thursday 28th April at 7.00pm. Everyone’s welcome.


While we’re talking about demonstrations – a few months ago, just before the 3rd (?) Day of Action against fees and cuts, myself and another fellow student were taken out of class and essentially interrogated by senior admin and two members of police about what we were planning – which was nothing at all, incidentally. Scandal! Well, not quite, but certainly fairly intimidatory and not appropriate for a place of learning (especially while we had studying to do). Legally, the police don’t even need to be informed about demonstrations. But with the police in Devon and Cornwall losing 700 staff – everyone’s being hit, and few are unsympathetic to the anti-cuts movement when they look at the facts.


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