Council to Debate NHS ‘reforms’ – Be there!

As opposition towards Lansley’s NHS demolition reaches epic heights, more than 5,000 signatures have now been collected for a petition to Cornwall County Council which stated:

We the undersigned:

  • Oppose the move of Adult Community Health Services, including the operation of the 14 Community Hospitals, out of the NHS to a Social Enterprise Community Interest Company
  • Petition Cornwall Council to debate this matter at a full meeting of the Council so that all 123 elected representatives of Cornwall can consider the issue fully
  • Request that Cornwall Council carry out a referendum to see whether the people of Cornwall support (or oppose) this move BEFORE implementation by NHS Cornwall.

This breakthrough is great news for health campaigners and patients in general in Cornwall, especially with the recent news that  450 NHS staff here are facing pension cuts. Thousands of staff are going to be managed by a private company, making them somewhat less protected than public-sector staff.

Since every petition which contains over 5,000 signatures means a debate must take place on the issue in a full council meeting. Add this to your calendar and show your opposition from the public gallery!

Cornwall Council Meeting, County Hall

Tuesday, 29th March, 2011 10.30 am

If you can make the meeting, it would be wise to show how the people of Cornwall feel about these changes to one of the world’s greatest health services. And, I mention this entirely innocently of course….A3 signs/placards can be easily folded in half and sneaked into council meetings. Just sayin’.


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