Andrew George MP and the ‘Rage Against the Lib Dems’ Demo


Around 5,000 gathered on Saturday to oppose the Liberal Democrat leadership in Sheffield at their conference. A video of the march is below – the mood seemed to be overwhelmingly for Nick Clegg to go.

Probably the same could be said for those inside the conference hall as the membership rejected Tory NHS ‘reforms’ – handing budgets over to private consortia by proxy and scrapping PCT’s – democratic and localised health trusts. Andew George (MP for St. Ives) made some refreshing comments, but even moreso in an overlooked Independent article just a few days ago where he said the NHS changes will leave the

‘carnage of a dismembered and disintegrated health service [providing] rich pickings for private companies and the unscrupulous among private GP contractors. The fractured NHS will be monumentally difficult to hold together’

Wise words Andrew. Now you have to persuade your other Lib Dem comrades in Cornwall the same thing. Stephen Gilbert, who recently jumped on the ‘anti-cuts’ bandwagon, will surely oppose the moves? Wishful thinking, perhaps.



  1. I would not hold out much hope Andy is well known for his toy town rebellions he rebelled on the unitary, on the boarder, and numerous other issues yet when push comes to he always follows the party line.

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