Campaigners to Camp-Out in Defense of Cornwall’s Most Vulnerable

[March the Fury’s report of the demonstration itself can be found here.]

‘A pound spent on Supporting People is probably going to save five or six quid down the line’

These are the words, not of an anti-cuts protester, nor an ardent socialist. These are the words of Eric Pickles, aka the Local Government Secretary. His Tory compatriot, the head of Cornwall Council, Alec Robertson, is now setting a ‘target’ of cutting the Supporting People fund – which helps thousands of homeless and vulnerable people in the county by keeping a roof over their heads – by 40%.

This indefensible attack on the most needy in Cornwall is being made despite the fact that Cornwall Council is receiving essentially the same funding for the scheme as last year. The funding helps not only the homeless, but also the elderly in need of care. What kind of society lets its parents and grandparents go without support because of a banker-induced recession?

To oppose this ideological move local people will camping outside County Hall this Sunday (the 13th) from 6pm onwards. Those coming are advised to bring a lot of warm clothes, obviously. If you do not want to camp out then do come and offer your support and solidarity!

When the morning comes, Councillors will be greeted by people who will not stand for, in Eric Pickles’ words, for such a ‘deprecable’ slashing of this much-needed support.

Cosgarne – Supporting Homeless People in Cornwall

To see Alec Robertson trying to defend the move click here.


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