Aaron Porter chased through streets of Manchester

Students responded today to NUS president Aaron Porter’s careerism, u-turning and anemic leadership during the student movement by chasing him through the streets of Manchester today during the TUC/NUS demo against youth unemployment and the rise in fees.

Apparently several hundred protesters from Leeds and other areas broke away from the main demonstration to prevent the widely-deemed traitorous NUS leader from speaking. Porter then took ‘refuge’ in a student union building. His unpopularity is growing at a similar rate to Clegg’s it seems.

The further education NUS executive member who went on to replace his speech was egged off. When the people you are elected to represent despise you, you know your time is up. This year’s NUS conference is going to be very interesting indeed.

The report comes from the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts, which helped organise the demonstration in London today which reportedly saw 10,000 people protest against the attacks on education.

I had to give a rather dramatic reading of a politically themed creative writing piece today so couldn’t make the London demo, but solidarity with all those who turned out. If 10-15 thousand can demonstrate during the exam period then March the 26th is going to be huge.

Hundreds of students chase Aaron Porter through Manchester — National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts.


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