Anti-Cuts Alliance meeting report – Cornwall

Cornwall Anti-Cuts Alliance met for the second time on Wednesday in Truro to draw up further plans for how the group is to be run, and to discuss action for the next few weeks. The Alliance, as the name suggests, is drawing on a growing number of groups and individuals, including students, the Green Party, Labour, unions and workers. These groups are now working together to build the fight against the cuts.

The main topic of discussion was for the TUC demonstration on March the 26th, and Cornwall Anti-Cuts will be working with trade unions taking coaches up to allow for non-union members to go up. It is hoped that hundreds will be travelling from Cornwall to the demonstration, expected to be huge.

On a more local scale, we will be holding a street stall in Truro this Sunday (the 30th) to spread the message about the movement in the county, to gather signatures for an NHS anti-privasition petition and to explain the economic alternative to drastic spending cuts.

Structurally, it was agreed that we would become a ‘support’ based organisation, ie. we will encourage local union, party and community group branches to pass resolutions in support of the Alliance and if possible donate in order to continue vital and practical organising.

It was also agreed that the next meeting will (provisionally) be at 6:30pm at Truro Railway Club (next to the Train Station) on the 9th of February, though this is to be confirmed.


If there was anything else discussed at the meeting you wish adding to this report please get in touch.


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