South West Students to Lobby MPs to Save EMA

On Wednesday students from across the South West, including Devon and Cornwall, will be travelling up to Parliament to lobby their MPs not to scrap the Education Maintenance Allowance. The vote to decide the fate of EMAs, put forward by Labour MPs, will be on the day, and will coincide with protests in London and Manchester. The marches, though they have proven divisive, are expected to attract large turnouts as students put the French saying into action – ‘what government does, the streets can undo’.

The UCU in the South West are organising coaches up to London alongside the NUS, though the NUS have decided, to the anger of many, not to support the protests on the day.

Students in Cornwall, Devon and Somerset who wish to lobby MPs in Parliament on Wednesday can contact the regional UCU officer Philippa Davey on

And for those who aren’t convinced by the arguments to save the EMA, here’s a video of David Cameron pledging not to scrap it last year –


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