Parliament to Vote on EMAs – 11 January

In just a couple of weeks Parliament will be voting on whether to scrap Education Maintenance Allowances, according to the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts. The up-to-£30 a week allowance that has enabled thousands of working class and lower-income students to continue with further education is being scrapped by the government. But as recent U-turns show – on free book provision for children, and the school sports programme for example – when under pressure the government changes course. It is essential that thousands of students across the country protest on the day of the vote, January 11th, against the abolition of EMA.

In Cornwall there should also be mass student action. What exactly will happen is being discussed but it is hoped that a walkout will take place in Truro. The EMA scheme is provided by local councils, so potentially it can still be saved if the vote passes. It is vital however that EMA is saved in Parliament, and not merely individual councils who are facing 28% budget cuts over the next four years.

There will be a protest in Truro on the day – the 11th – meeting at 12:15 in McDonald’s car-par (opposite the college). RSVP via the Facebook group here.

Currently leading the campaign against the abolition of EMA is ‘Save the EMA’, supported by major unions, and ‘Save EMA’ which is largely organised by students.


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