Cornwall Anti-Cuts Alliance begins to take shape: aims, plans and what’s next

Around 20 people gathered in Truro on Wednesday to meet in preparation for the founding of a Cornwall Anti-Cuts Alliance. Over the two hour discussion, students; trade unionists; Green, Mebyon Kernow and Labour party members as well as other activists outlined the aims of the group, which hopes to grow significantly in the coming months as the cuts begin to affect ordinary workers, the unemployed, and vulnerable people in the county. The group will no doubt support those striking to defend their jobs, and those protesting against the slashing of public spending, including the massive cuts to education and welfare.

The bulk of the meeting was pragmatic and covered the UK Uncut protest in Truro on Saturday. Full details cannot be disclosed, but it is hoped that the demonstration will see dozens of local people targeting tax-dodging shops in Cornwall’s only city to highlight the gross injustice of Sir Phillip Green avoiding almost £300m in tax, while at the same time advising the government on its ‘austerity’ measures.

A website will soon be set up to provide a better platform for the inchoate anti-cuts coalition, where future plans will be listed, events covered and information regarding the local movement posted.

Trade unions and community organisations need to get behind the campaign to protect jobs and public services from the savage and ideological attacks of the Tory-led coalition.

The Cornwall Anti-Cuts Alliance aims to be the driving force in the area behind the grassroots campaign against the cuts, with street stalls, leafleting, demonstrations and petitioning all set to take place in the new year. If you can get involved, keep checking this blog over the next week for website and contact details, or leave a comment and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.



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