8.12.10 – Falmouth moor occupation: Cornwall’s students to stage huge protest before vote.

Preparations are being made for what is expected to be a huge occupation of the moor in Falmouth this Wednesday, by over 500 students and local people against the cuts to education.

The protest is planned to precede the vote on tuition fees on the 9th, which will see another demonstration in London, dubbed ‘London Calling’. This time the NUS and UCU are backing it (as they did with on the 10th), along with a coalition of other anti-fees organisations – EAN, NCAFC, Youth Fight For Education and more.

But the one in Falmouth on the 8th will be immensely important as a new stage in Cornwall’s fight against the cuts. Though the occupation at Tremough has fizzled out, the sit-in on the moor will bring together students and workers from all over Cornwall, with many expected to come from Truro and the surrounding area. The prospect of a considerable Cornwall College should not be limited by the fact that the SU president there is a Conservative. Mass mobilisations should take place everywhere across the county, and as we have seen with recent NUS dithering, we should not wait for right-wing SUs to back demonstrations.

The aim is to occupy the moor for as long as possible, and March the Fury urges students, parents, trade unionists and socialists in Cornwall to come and express their outrage at the sheer scale of the cuts to higher education and the marketisation of universities.

That which is privatised is rarely reclaimed, and therefore it is essential that in Cornwall we defend what educational institutions we have.

On a side note, transport up to the demonstration in London from Falmouth/Truro is currently being arranged. The event page concerning the coach trip can be found here.

It should also be noted that regarding these protests, the NCAFC has published legal advice for protesters to assist them in case they are arrested or injured by police.

Falmouth Protest Poster


Solidarity with those who have been occupying Tremough Campus’s Stannary and Library for almost a week.


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