Tremough Occupation – Day 2

It’s been a fairly busy day as far as the occupation is going. After resolving to remain in the Stannary, we were woken up at around 6 by cleaners and security, and have cordoned off an area for the group. Posters, banners and press releases have been flying around, with coverage up today in the Falmouth Packet, Pirate FM, and the West Briton. Over a dozen are camping in the Stannary again over night to keep up the occupation, and the demands were released yesterday, calling for solidarity with workers and other students, for the university to condemn the cuts to education and for an end to all victimisation of students and staff who support the actions taking place across the country.

There is a huge projection emanating from the Stannary at the moment, aimed at the FXU building opposite, saying ‘Stop the Cuts’ and ‘Tremough Occupation. This is as much about raising awareness and pressuring the FXU the support student demonstrations as it is presenting a message to the government.

Tuition Fee Vote Date Announced

Student action will be even more significant over the coming days as today the date of the first vote on the tuition fee rise was announced – 9th December. This is rather shameful tactical move by the Tories to prevent a large build-up of protest and high turnout on the day. But we will protest nonetheless, in Cornwall as well as all other major cities.

Even more concessions have been made in the past few days, with key Lib Dem ministers, who are putting forward the proposals, contemplating voting against their own bill. This is unprecedented and shows just how Tory-led the government really is.

NCAFC Call For Action

The NCAFC released a statement immediately after the announcement calling for a London demo on the 9th and an emergency meeting at UCL tomorrow to prepare the protest and strengthen links with workers, the unemployed, pensioners, the disabled – everyone affected by the cuts. I have a feeling the coalition will be surprised by how quickly students will mobilise and oppose the rise in fees on the day of the vote.




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