Occupation at Tremough Campus

I’m writing from Tremough Campus in Falmouth, which is currently being occupied by students from Exeter and Falmouth universities. Students started arriving at around 7pm and have taken over the Stannary. The mood is upbeat, with more students arriving as a result of ‘scouting’, i.e. grabbing recruits from around the campus. There is a small Truro College contingent but the majority are from Falmouth, and many here took part in the protests last week.

After the heavy snow of the past couple of days, this last minute feat in Facebook-organisation looks like it may be a success, and is apparently one of the only actions in Cornwall as part of Day X2, though thousands around the country have been demonstrating today in most cities about the rise in fees and the slash and burn policies of the coalition.

Currently the Stannary occupation is composed of a handful of students, but once the rest arrive decisions are going to be made regarding what the plan of action is going to be.

The Facebook group of the Falmouth and Exeter student campaign should be keeping you updated as the night goes by, with the occupation potentially going on until late tomorrow, with reports also going out to local media and the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts, Education Activist Network and other major groups in the student movement.

Live blog from the campus here


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