Day of Action 2: 3rd December in Truro

Because of the weather, the protest as part of the Day of Action in Truro tomorrow has been postponed to the 3rd of December, in line with the budget meeting being moved to that date. Since Truro College and many schools in the area have been shut it would be more effective for the Truro Day of Action to take place on Friday when, hopefully, the snow will have cleared.

So far students from Truro and Falmouth, Green Party activists, Labour members and trade unionists have confirmed they will be coming. If you can make it at 8am on the 3rd December, weather permitting, come to County Hall and fight the cuts.

Falmouth Action – 4th December

We have an update from Falmouth students –

The meeting with Sarah Newton (Tory MP for Falmouth and Truro) will now be taking place between 3 – 4pm on Saturday 4th Dec. Those who wish to voice your disapproval at the government’s plans please try to be there at 2-2:30ish so we can co-ordinate our protest.’

Confront Sarah Newton on the 4th at Tremough Campus – Speak Out Against the Rise in Fees.


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