Dirty Police Tactics During Protests Exposed

New video evidence has emerged of police in London charging on horseback towards peaceful protesters. The video shows the line of police coming towards the crowd without clearing the way beforehand, resulting in several injuries and visible distress from the demonstrators, mostly students and teenagers as young as 14.

This video comes only a couple of days after the Met police denied using any such tactics. The kettling technique, which involves confining protesters for hours – denying people the right to leave, has already led to condemnation of the London police from many quarters after students were not allowed to exit the demonstration for as long as 8 hours. Access to water and toilets was extremely limited and insufficient, and the actions of the Met caused considerable trauma to many taking part.

Sky News have also released a video which questions the narrative that a police van in London was abandoned after police lives were under threat. The video instead suggests the van had been left there, while the demonstration was still incredibly peaceful, leading some to suggest the van was left as ‘bait’ to undermine the demonstration. A popular hashtag at the moment on Twitter is indeed #baitvan. The video can be found here.

We may see the use of such inflammatory police tactics rise in the coming months, and it is vital that they are highlighted and exposed.


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