The Fight Against Fees is Now Unstoppable

The list of demonstrations planned for tomorrow is now huge. Occupations, sit-ins, marches and walk-outs are going on all over the country, with at least two in Cornwall – one in Falmouth and another of course in Truro. The Falmouth protest is set to involve over 200 people, with the Truro protest possibly achieving a similar number of students ready to fight the cuts.

The National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts has put up a list of all the events going on nationwide here.

Some universities have already been occupied. UWE in Bristol has students occupying buildings, and some London universities have been occupied, with messages of solidarity going out to all of them. Nick Clegg has been asking students to ‘reconsider’ their campaign. This will only happen when Clegg reconsiders his decision to prop up a Tory government and break his promises to the electorate. It will only happen when the coalition stops supporting 80% cuts to teaching budgets and the complete withdrawal of humanities funding.

Manchester Met and SOAS are being occupied. Their demands have been supported in recent days by the NUT and other unions. This is becoming a mass movement, and will continue to grow. As the placards say – this is just the beginning.

The Next Few Weeks

Just as soon as this Day of Action is over, students will be preparing for the next protest on the 30th, again at County Hall – as part of another Day of Action. The 30th is the day that the County Council will vote on the budget. We have to be there to pressure representatives to vote against the budget and send a message to Westminster that we won’t accept cuts of $170m which will affect services all over Cornwall and cause thousands of job losses.

After that, there is going to be a mass occupation of the moor in Falmouth by students from all over Cornwall on the 8th December. By then there will no doubt be an official anti-cuts campaign in Truro and not simply sporadic protests. The Coalition of Resistance seems like a likely choice – and with the backing of unions, local Labour party members and community activists, it will be a democratic, student-led movement to be reckoned with.


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