21st November Update – National Day of Action

There has been a huge amount of coverage over the past few days of the planned coordinated action on the 24th against the cuts to education and rise in tuition fees. The Guardian did an excellent article today on the protests and walk-outs taking place across the county.

The National Union of Journalists have also condemned the witch-hunt of student activists that has taken place in right-wing papers recently, and called for more balanced journalism. The Murdoch-dominated press is adamant that it will smash the fight against fees and cuts. It won’t.

Locally, the demonstration in Truro has been listed on the anticuts.com site and has the backing of Cornwall College SU members, the Falmouth Fight the Cuts campaign, Unison members and Labour Party members across Cornwall. Anticipation is growing by the day and we are organising speakers at present to spread the message with audacity…and megaphones.

The movement is also drawing international support – Argentinian students wrote today in support of the growing body of students willing to fight the attacks on public services, and the British Embassy in France was targeted by French students gathering in solidarity with our cause. It is the masses versus the millionaires on a global scale.

The international support back up a growing opposition to the cuts – well over half of Brits feel the government’s cuts are unfair and hit the poorest hardest. The Lib Dems have lost 50% of their support since the general election, and the party’s existing supporters are completely split over the effect of the cuts.

It seems even those at the top of the Lib Dem hierarchy cannot decide why they betrayed young people. Clegg says he ‘didn’t realise’ the financial situation before the general election, whereas Cable says it was a mere ‘compromise’ in the light of joining a coalition that they did not have to prop up – but did. The Lib Dems are rapidly losing their core support, and are now a very weak human shield for the coalition’s cuts: a shield that is soon to be broken altogether.


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