24th November – Truro Students to March to County Hall


On the 24th of November, students in Truro will march to County Hall as part of the National Day of Action, to protest against the raising of tuition fees and massive cuts to education. The protest is set to be even bigger than last time, and demonstrations and walk-outs around the country are planned.

The march will begin at at around 1:20 in McDonald’s car-park, and we will head down to the Hall, with the support of local trade-unionists and anti-cuts activists. The protest will end at around 3:30, though there is of course the option to carry on after this time if people don’t have to catch buses.

Our aim is to be entirely peaceful – but we will make ourselves heard, and will ensure that local councillors and the government know that we will not accept the biggest assault on public services since the ’30s, along with the near-trebling of student fees.

With the County Council voting on the budget – set to cut local spending by £170 million – on the 30th this month, community groups and students will also be active there, from around 8am in the morning in order to catch representatives before they vote. Recent analysis has suggested that less than 20 councillors changing their mind could swing the vote in our favour, and effectively block the cuts, causing huge embarrassment to the coalition.

More information will be posted on here in the next few days.


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