The Students Who Actually Caused Wednesday’s Unrest

In response to criticisms of the student demo in London on the 10th, someone has added a fantastic caption to an image of the actual students who really have ruined the futures of a generation of young people.

THESE are the students that ruined it for the rest. #demo2010… on Twitpic.

The Bullingdon Club – the elite club that Cameron was a member of during his uni days, was host to many upper-class students who went on to become Tory politicians. Boris Johnson is pictured here alongside the PM. During his days as a member, Cameron was frequently engaged in violent and riotous acts of debauchery and excess with his other privately-educated friends, smashing windows in Oxford and almost getting arrested on several occasions. This is only a few years after being nearly expelled from Eton for being involved in drug-taking and possibly dealing.

Cameron and his millionaire cabinet colleagues are the true cause of this unrest. The scale of public anger is likely to increase after hundreds of thousands of jobs are lost, those in need of a helping hand stigmatised as ‘scroungers’ in the Tory press and our services broken up and sold off to private consortia.

Paul Richards writes in Progress today that we should march now and vote later. With Lib Dem revolt seeming inevitable over the next few months, perhaps we will be voting sooner than we think.


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